Home and Happy Customers

Sue is so good for our spoilt boys that when we go away I refuse offers of free babysitting from neighbours in favour of hiring Sue. Our high-strung Moodle and naughty cat love Sue's attention to the details that matter to them: their routine, genuine petting and dedicated playtime.
When we return home, our boys are never distressed or anxious. Instead, with Sue's expertise they are amazingly calm and relaxed, even when we've been away for a week.

I must recommend Sue to care for anyone's beloved pets: She even fixed up our Christmas tree after the cat trashed it during our absence.



I have had the pleasure of using Home & Happy Pet Services.
We have 2 dogs and this had restricted the opportunity for our family to take a weekend break together. Someone always had to stay behind to look after the dogs or we had to abandon the weekend altogether. 
Because of Sue and her business, we have just recently had a weekend break with the entire family, knowing that the dogs were safe in their own home and well looked after.
Sue was great, the dogs loved her, and we will be using Home & Happy more times in the future.


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