Pet Sitting Service
The pet sitting service is available 365 days a year from 7.30am to 6pm. During the 20-30 minute visit I spend time with your pets ensuring they are happy and well. I also check on the security of your home. To give you peace of mind I can send daily updates on your pets by text or email.

Services included are:

Feeding your pets
Refreshing their water
Cleaning kittylitter trays/waste cleanup in yard
Administrating of any basic medication as needed

Complimentary services that are also included are:

Collecting mail and papers
Watering pot plants
Putting council bins in/out
Checking on the security of the house

If required, I can pick up some basic requirements such as milk and bread, before your return for a small fee and the cost of the goods.


Dog Walking Service
These days family life can be hectic, with both parents working, family commitments, schooling, sports, errands and housework to be juggled on a weekly basis. Finding time to exercise your dog on a regular basis can be difficult.

Regular walking improves your dog's health, keeps him occupied and helps keep him free of annoying or destructive behaviours.

This can mean less chewing, digging and barking. So get your dog walking and you will be rewarded with a healthy, happy dog.

Now covering all areas of Townsville

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